Our aim is to bring a greater degree of democracy into Australia.

Democracy of the people, by the people, for the people.

Multinational companies have too much influence over our land and people -influence through holding the attention of our governments. We must be stronger than these greed driven corporations, and free our country from the tyranny and the destruction that greed brings.

Our natural resources are gone once they are mined – or killed. We need to preserve our natural resources for future generations. Climate change is real and human industry adds to climate change. We must work together to be responsible and productive, and user friendly.

Renewable energy is far better for us, as people, as well as our environment, and is therefore greatly desirable over fossil fuels which should remain in the ground where it belongs.

We need to be kinder to each other. We need humanity in government.

We need a government that can balance an account book – and not overspend. A $1Trillin deficit is not acceptable.

Reducing workers wages through the removal of penalty rates or any other form is not acceptable – especially while politicians are accepting a wage rise at the same time. In this light, a $17,000 pay rise for politicians whilst reducing the income of others is insulting – and tells a story about those who accept the pay rise.

The weak and vulnerable need to be protected.

We need to have peace of mind, free from the threat of terrorism.

We want Australia to uphold Christian ethics, and immigrants to respect our ethics as well as our people. Aussies have a philosophy of egalitarianism, and all immigrants need to accept this philosophy as their own. Any preconceived ideas of superiority need to remain behind, make a break and a new life, and embrace every person equally. All immigrants are equal and no different to anyone already here. If this is not embraced, then Australia is not the place for relocation.

We need Justice in the Courtroom, without politics, or bias. The Judiciary needs to be impartial, and the Constitution needs to be upheld.

The People are Sovereign.








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