need for change


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

It is clear that even though our politicians are happy with their performance in government, it is clear that the majority of people in our nation disagree.

We have scientists, environmentalists and others concerned about climate change, and more importantly about the health of our national icon The Great Barrier Reef.

We have further sections of our nation concerned with the refugee crisis, detention centres and immigration, while others are concerned with the threat of terrorism and the lack of any robust action to prevent it.

There are still further sections of our community who are suffering pay cuts through the ending of penalty rates, while at the same time politicians accept a pay rise of $17,000. And then there are the pensioners who struggle on their meager income.

This site provides an opportunity for all our nation to have a say about what bothers them about our un-representative governance.

A petition will be added for everyone to sign, so that when we get a double majority, it will become a plebiscite referendum. The cynics will say the governemnet doesn’t have to take notice f a plebiscite, but with over 50% of voters, and still others, not happy with our system, the pollies would be crazy-stupid to ignore  our voices.

Strength comes in solidarity, and this is the genesis of a movement based on solidarity and the Will of  We, the People.