Proposed changes to the Constitution


Currently the Constitution is worded thus:

Chapter VIII

Alteration of the Constitution

Mode of altering the Constitution.

  1. This Constitution shall not be altered except in the following manner:

The proposed law for the alteration thereof must be passed by an absolute majority of each…



  1. Include the letter (A) in front of ‘The proposed law …’
  2. At the conclusion of the current ending; “ … allowing its representation in the House of Representatives.” ADD the following;

(B) (i) An elector may present to Parliament a proposal for the electors of Australia to vote upon, after the collection of 50,000 signatures OR one % of voters whichever is the greater, to the petition.

(The petition will state the changes required to the Constitution for the electors to vote upon.)

(ii) An elector requesting a vote by the people will submit the petition to Parliament at the first sitting of parliament in the calendar year, for a referendum to be held on the first Saturday in October of that same year.

(iii) A vote by the people may be conducted on the first Saturday of May on the provision of a petition to Parliament in the first sitting in the second half of the previous year.

(iv) The Speaker in the House of Representatives will receive the petition, advise the Parliament and endorse the petition. The petition will be passed to the Governor General, or in the event of a change to this office, his replacement if any, and endorse the petition without vote from the Parliament. The Speaker will pass the petition to the Electoral Commissioner for due execution.

(C) Proposals to the Parliament by the People for a referendum can provide for changes to the Constitution or to laws or to statutes, or to processes of government, or to departments of government that no longer serve a purpose, and to recall elected representatives to parliament who fail to act on proposals from constituents.

(D) Proposals to Parliament by the People, will be binding on all governments across the Nation.

(E) States, territories, regions and local councils will accept proposals by the people for direct voting, on receipt of a petition in accordance with part B, and will be executed in their state, territory, council in accordance with part B.